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Thunder Fck

Thunderfuck, sometimes known as ‘Alaskan Thunder Fuck,’ or ‘ATF’ for short, is a renowned strain from Alaska’s Matanuska Valley. This strain is quite popular because of its distinct high, which differs significantly from the effects of most other cannabis strains available today. Thunderfuck’s buds are massive and gorgeously coated with thick trichrome crystals. Because of the abundance of trichromes on the leaves, the buds are coated with orange hairs yet seem nearly totally white.

The intense perfume combines notes of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk. The scent of skunk, on the other hand, will reach your nose before the other accents. Thunderfuck’s odour may be recognised from a considerable distance away, so be cautious if you’re attempting to be covert. Fortunately, the flavour is rather distinct, like a cross between bananas, oranges, and spice.

Thunderfuck is a calming but extremely euphoric high and is commonly regarded as having a ‘creeper’ effect as well as a noticeable increase in hunger. The strain is well-known for its daytime potency, since its potent effects never wear you out. The strain, on the contrary, will stimulate and boost the user’s mood. It’s also recognised for getting you high far quicker than most other strains, with effects appearing practically immediately after smoking.

Thunderfuck users will feel more chatty and creative while the strain’s effects are active, in addition to an enhanced mood. It relieves pain and gives you a mild attack of the munchies. Nothing out of the ordinary, although you may need a snack to get by.

Thunderfuck, with its fast-acting, cerebral high, is the best option for the treatment of a wide range of medical ailments. It’s great for pain reduction and for those who suffer from anorexia and other eating disorders. It will not only give you the munchies, but it will also help you if you suffer from severe stress or sadness.