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Sensi Star

Sensi Star has a strong indica high and is a strain that is mostly indica. It occasionally has a strong, distinctive aroma that seems pleasant. Its aroma contains citrus and earthy overtones. The strain has a rusty, greenish colour and a mossy appearance. The citrus and earthy tones in the Sensi Strain’s flavour blend well. Amazingly good effects are possible with this strain. You feel both happiness and exhilaration as soon as your worries are immediately reduced. You feel at ease after a Sensi Star. It could also provide you creative inspiration. Sensi Star is effective against a variety of anxiety and depressive disorders. Hyperactivity can also be treated with it. It improves focus and concentration and aids in the treatment of attention deficit disorder. You can smoke Sensi Star if you suffer from migraines, pain, insomnia, or an appetite loss.