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Pink Zombie Kush

Pink Zombie is a Indica strain. Are you willing to become a zombie? This mind-blowing strain is great for calming a restless mind. Its relaxing effects will keep you focused and on task until you fall asleep. The high starts behind your eyes. It makes your mind more sensitive and gives you more focus and motivation when you need it. Soon, this will turn into a stone that makes you feel dizzy and happy at the same time. You’ll slip in and out of happy thoughts and warm feelings. After that, you get a strong body high that keeps you on the couch and makes you feel ecstatic until you fall asleep. People say that Pink Zombie helps with chronic stress, insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and loss of appetite. The smell is spicy and earthy, and the taste is sweet and delicious. Zombie Kush buds look like grapes and are forest green. They have undertones, long dark amber hairs, and small crystal trichomes that match the colour of the buds.