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#1 Stunna

#1 Stunna is an indica strain. This traditional mixture produces a calming and energising high that impacts both the mind and the body with mellow, long-lasting effects. The #1 Stunna high begins with a cerebral beginning of euphoria before extending across the entire body with a mild tingling energy. As your happiness increases, a profound sense of relaxation will flow over you, easing away aches and pains without leaving you feeling sedated or burdened. This sensation will also permeate your thoughts, leaving you little disoriented but otherwise functional. #1 Stunna is frequently used to treat chronic pain, exhaustion, tension, anxiety, and depression. Each smooth exhale of #1 has a characteristic skunky sweetness with notes of woody spices. As the buds are burned, the odour is pungent and skunky, with a hint of earthy pine and rich florals. The #1 buds have light mint-green, diamond-shaped trichomes with vivid orange hairs and small amber crystal trichomes.